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Stop your hair from breaking with Protein : How to grow relaxed or chemically treated hair

How can I grow my relaxed/chemically treated hair? How can I fix the damage in my hair? How can I stop my hair from breaking? How can I stop my relaxed / chemically treated hair from breaking or excessive shedding?

If you experience any hair breakage problems or would like to know how to grow your hair whether it's all natural or chemically treated or altered, this is the perfect place to start.

Keeping in mind the first hair growth tip - keeping your hair moisturised, the second important factor in hair growth is protein.

Hair growth tip number 2: Give your hair a dose of protein!

Once you get the hang of keeping your hair constantly moisturised, the next important step is to make sure you give your hair an extra protein boost as often as you need it.
Everyones hair is different. Some hair types need protein more often then others so it's important to pay attention to what your hair needs.

Why is protein important?

Your hair is made up of protein. Different factors may lead to a diminishing or lack of protein in hair. Beside natural factors such as weak hair or overall unhealthy hair, processes such as dying your hair, perming your hair or relaxing your hair can all contribute towards a lack of protein in your hair.

Chemical processes especially break down the protein in your hair causing it to weaken and weak hair equals broken hair (hair breakage and damage).

 Where can I get protein for my hair?

Protein is widely available and easy to find for your hair. You can get it anywhere from in food sources that you eat (eggs, nuts, etc) to products that can be put in your hair or condition and rinsed out (hair mayonaise and protein conditioners / masks).

 What will protein do for my hair?

Proteins main beneficial aspect to your hair would be one of strengthening.If your hair is efficiently moisturised but still experiences breakage it could be due to a lack of protein. By adding extra protein in your hair care program or regime you will be strengthening the protein bonds in your hair and breakage is likely to diminish resulting in stronger, healthier hair.

Caring for your hair and making use of protein treatments (especially if used properly) can result in almost instant positive results.
It's important to know though that too much protein cannot be good for your hair. You need to have a balance between moisture and protein in your hair. Make sure that you're not neglecting either and your hair will begin to reap the benefits.

What is a quick and affordable way of adding protein to my hair?

Protein treatments don't have to be costly. Although it is important to have a good protein and moisture balanced conditioner like organic root stimulator replenishing pak or a great treatment like hair mayonaise, if you have run out or can't afford to get one at the moment an egg will do the trick.

By adding an egg to a little coconut oil or even using it just the way it is you will allow your hair to have a super quick protein boost which might be just what it needs.
  • After shampooing your hair, rinsing it or co-washing, simply break an egg, beat it (add it to a little coconut oil, Castor oil or any other essential oil if you'd like) and apply it directly to your hair.
  • Be sure to distribute it evenly throughout the hair with your fingers or a really wide toothed comb (remember you hair is most delicate when wet.)
  • Use a shower cap or plastic cap to seal in the moisture and egg and wrap your hair in a towel (or sit under a hooded dryer) for extra heat.
  • Leave the mixture in your hair for 30 minutes to an hour (an hour if you're not applying heat and 25 mininutes to 30 minutes if you are).
  • When time is up remove the plastic cap and rinse the mixture thoroughly out of your hair.
  • Apply a leave in or moisturiser (or oil to seal in moisture).
The process should leave your hair feeling much stronger and less prone to breakage. Keep your hair moisturised and healthy, combine this with a protein treatment every 2 to 4 weeks and your hair will be healthy enough to grow to any lengths.

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Good luck!!!

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