Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Basics for growing long & healthy (relaxed / dyed / chemically treated) hair : Hair growth tips

What do I need to start my hair journey? What are the basics needed for caring for my hair? What products are important for my hair journey? What do I need to grow my hair?

When it comes to starting a hair journey or making the decision to start caring for or growing your hair there might be a lot gong through your mind. Maybe you’re confused about where to start, maybe you don’t have tons of money to spend on different hair products or maybe you’ve experienced a failed hair journey and would like to avoid making the same mistakes and thus being successful this time. This article is a great place to start.

You don’t need lot’s of money to start a hair journey or to even start caring for your hair. If you’re planning on relaxing your hair and caring for it, relaxers really don’t cost that much and can be bought almost anywhere. Caring for your hair will not cost much either whether you’re natural or a relaxed head like I am.

This article contains the top 10 things you will need to start your hair journey or in it. These are a must in my hair care program and should become a big part of yours too. They are not at all costly but form a basis for healthy hair and speedy hair growth.

1.       Wide toothed comb

I can not go a day without my wide toothed comb. The wide toothed comb  can be purchased in all places selling hair products or accessories or stores with a hair care section.

It is just like any other comb except the teeth which are used for combing the hair are further apart spaced. This is good for many reasons:

·         It protects your hair from unnecessary breakage caused by thinner teeth.
·         With the spacing being further a part you will loose less hair in the combing process and due to the fact that hair seems not to grow when breakage appears (because your hair breaks off faster than it grows causing it to appear not to grow) by minimizing hair breakage and hair loss you will experience faster hair growth.
·         This comb can be a good help for de-tangling hair when wet as it is less damaging on your hair which is already more sensitive and prone to breakage when wet. 

     2.       Silk scarf or stocking cap

Ever since starting my hair journey In October 2011 I have hardly ever gone to bed without my silk scarve or stocking cap. These are used to cover your hair at night when going to sleep. I use either but a silk scarve is likely to be even better for your hair.

You could wrap your hair in a silk scarf and use a stocking cap over to secure it and prevent it from slipping off your head while you’re a sleep. These are a must or the following reasons:

·         Friction is another factor when it comes to hair breakage. If your hair is rubbing against your bedding or pillow it can cause it to break. This can be avoided if your hair is covered while you sleep.
·         Hair can also break if it gets hooked while turning during sleep. Having your hair tied down or wrapped under a silk scarf or stocking cap can avoid this.
·         You can also use silk pillow cases or bedding to sleep on as an alternative to a silk scarf at night as these are less likely to hook onto or pull your hair.

3.       Ouch-less hair ties

These are hair-bands or hair-ties without the metal or silver bit on them. The hard bit in scrunchies / hair-ties sometimes hook to your hair or tug on it resulting in unnecessarily tangling or breakage of the hair. Finding and investing in hair-ties or scrunchies without this part will allow your hair protection from this. Elastic bands also have a tendency to tangle in the hair resulting in breakage.

4.       Shampoo

A clean scalp results in faster hair growth. In order to ensure that your pores are not clogged by dirt, excessive oils or hair products it is important to wash your hair at least once a week.

     5.       Conditioner

A good conditioner is needed to help your hair maintain a balance with regards to lost moisture and protein. Deep conditioning is important for the hair.
There are many good deep conditioners. My favourite is Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak. It allows your hair to be revived with a great balance of protein and moisture all in one treatment.

Organic Root Stimulator Mayonnaise is also great as a treatment but falls more towards a protein conditioner.

A standard rinse out conditioner can also be used as an alternative to a shampoo while allowing your hair to enjoy added moisture provided by the water.

   6.       Moisturiser

These can be purchased almost anywhere. They are filled with moisture which your hair thrives on. Be sure to check the ingredients at the back of the pack as certain products such as mineral oil are plentiful but not necessarily good for your hair. The further up the list the product is on the ingredients at the back of the pack, the more of it the product contains so be careful!

7.       Essential oils

Essential oils are great for your hair and very affordable. My favourites are Castor oil, coconut oil and carrot oil. Coconut oil is especially cheap and just awesome for the hair. If you’re out of moisturiser or can’t afford one dampening your hair with water and applying coconut or any other oil to seal in the moisture can be just as great. Sometimes it even works better then an ordinary moisturiser due to the fact that it’s completely natural.

     8.       Water spray
Water spray will totally cost you nothing and allow your hair to constantly feel refreshed and moisturised. Water is one of the best sources of moisture for your hair end will result in healthy hair which will be able to grow to as long as you’d like it to grow.

Once you have a water spary you could also add in some of your own "special ingredients" depending on what works well with your hair. Think of things such as glycerine (which helps attract moisture ti keep your hair moisturized), coconut oil (which is a light natural oil which norishes and strengthens hair) or grape seed oil (an awesome essential oil).

9. A camera, web cam or camera phone
The most important part of a hair journey is monitoring and measuring your progress. Not only does this allow you to see how far you've come and how hard you've worked on your hair it also allows you to stay motivated. If you can see how well your hair's doing and how much better or longer your hair is compared to when you initially started, you will be able to stay motivated.
Remember to note all the products that work on your hair (because everyones hair is different) , changes in your hair (good and bad), different hairstyles, etc. Document everything about your hair on your journey to great hair. Not only will that be fun and allow you to keep every memory but it will also be a great help.

10. Motivation and Dedication!

The hardest part of caring for or growing your hair isn't starting to care for your hair or grow it but sticking to it. Sticking to the "program" takes a lot of motivation and dedication. It takes a lot of hard work to stay focused and not give up even if you get to a point where it seems like your hair growth is slowing down, you experience a little breakage or experience a setback. You need to be motivated and encouraged.

By looking to find others who are also involved in a hair journey,others who have similar goals or by tracking and monotoring your journey to see just how far you've come you will be able to see that you're doing really well.

If you need any support, have any questions or would just like to chat don't hesitate to contact me! I've been on my journey for a while now and would be more then willing to help. Grab those basics and get caring for your hair.
Good luck!!!!


  1. I'm 15 yrs old. I got my first relaxer when I was 13. I'm not happy where my hair is now and I want to change that. I just need some help. When I got my first relaxer my hair was at least to the top of my bra strap thingy thing hook thing. Now that I'm in the 10th grade it's at the top of my shoulder if not a little lower. I'm very unhappy and I don't want to stress because I know it just makes it worse. Please Help Me!!

    1. Hey girl!

      Thanks for the comment and reading my post :)

      There are a lot of things that could cause the breakage in your hair. I think you should try very hard to follow all the tips in this post ESPECIALLY moisturizing, sleeping in a silk scarf and making use of a wide toothed comb. I had serious breakage with my hair and this is what helped me. Also in cold months your hair seems to break easier and is harder to manage without breaking and shedding. During these months try a protective style like braids. It helps a lot. - How to care for your hair while braided - Dealing with Winter breakage - Be prepared - How to deal with nape breakage - Stop your hair from breaking with protein

      A good channel on YouTube for MANY AWESOME and USEFUL tips that really work and that I used in the beginning of my hair journey (and still do now) is Megz channel -

      Good luck!!!!